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Smile makeovers with innovative treatment plans!

Why Is Cosmetic Dentistry A Good Idea For Me?

Each and every patient is different in their needs, but if you are struggling with insecurity or embarrassment over the way your smile looks, cosmetic dentistry could well be a good idea for you.

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of dental treatments to help you get the smile you always dreamed of. Ranging from single-focus options like teeth whitening, to detailed treatment plans combining a wide range of treatments together to create an overall transformational result.

Nobody should have to feel insecure about their smile, and if you find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh, or even avoiding dates or social situations because of your smile, it is time for you to reclaim your smile confidence.

Our wide range of treatments, along with the experience and passion within our team combines to help you get the beautiful, Hollywood smile you have always dreamed of. With the perfect smile, you can then enjoy getting your smile confidence back!

Cosmetic dentistry has the potential to transform a person's life, and we have seen that happen many times here at our popular clinic in Ascot.

Does Ascot Dental Practice Offer Teeth Whitening?

We are pleased to offer the most modern whitening treatments for patients who wish to improve discoloured teeth. Tooth discolouration is common and smoking, drinking, our diets and even age can affect the shade of the teeth.

The latest treatments now mean that you don't need to put up with tooth discolouration making you feel self-conscious about your smile. Our safe, modern teeth whitening systems work without any need for tooth preparation or local anaesthetic. Here at Ascot Dental Practice, you can enjoy an efficient treatment that can lift the shade of the teeth by several shades and patients are often surprised at the dramatic transformation teeth whitening can create. Why not call us on 01344 873448 to book your teeth whitening treatment today?

Does Ascot Dental Practice Offer Veneers?

We offer teeth veneers as a completely transformational treatment that can totally change the way a smile looks. Veneers are often what some celebrities use to get a beautiful smile and now you can get the same incredible results in your local clinic!

Veneers are very thin sheets of porcelain that cover a prepared tooth and set in place by extremely strong adhesive. The veneers are specific to your needs, with the shape, shade and size you want. Because they can look however you want them to, veneers can correct a multitude of issues, including stains, misalignment, gaps, chips and more.

Can I Get A Total Smile Makeover At Ascot Dental Practice?

If you struggle with a multitude of problems with your smile, caused by dental injury or illness, or circumstances causing your smile to degrade, we can help. We can help with missing teeth, discoloured teeth, ‘gappy’ teeth, chipped teeth and more, with our reliable smile makeover treatments.

With a detailed consultation, we can check your current teeth and gums, ensuring any health issues are addressed first, such as active gum disease. Then, based on your expectations and needs, we can create a complete smile makeover plan to enhance your smile, transforming it into the smile you always dreamed of.

Your smile makeover could include a combination of several treatments, or just one or two depending on your circumstances.

Why Is A Consultation So Important Before Treatment?

In order for any cosmetic dentistry to go ahead, you have to have a consultation with our team. During your consultation we will:

  1. Find out your expectations
  2. Discuss your dental history
  3. Check your current oral health status
  4. Make any necessary diagnostics

Following this process, we can then offer you suitable treatments, along with their timescales and costs. We can offer you alternatives to treatments that may not be suitable for you and our objective is always to ensure that you are fully informed.

How Can I Book In For Cosmetic Dentistry At Ascot Dental Practice?

If you struggle with how your smile looks, we can help you get the brighter, straighter smile you deserve. Please call our friendly reception team on 01344 873448 to book a consultation today, taking the first step towards an incredible smile you can feel proud of!

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