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Professional oral hygiene and education to help prevent gum disease

Why Is Gum Disease So Important When It Comes To Oral Health?

Here at Ascot Dental Practice our team works really hard to help patients have the healthiest teeth and gums.

Our objective is to ensure everyone is aware of the potential consequences of lax oral health maintenance, both short and long term.

Why Do Healthy Gums Matter?

Your gums are the foundation for your teeth. If you have gum disease, you can get infections, swollen gums, gums that bleed, issues with pain and sensitivity, and in the worst scenarios you can lose teeth because of it.

How Does Gum Disease Affect Oral Health?

Gum disease occurs because of a sheet of bacteria that builds up on the teeth every day, called plaque. If bacteria build up without being properly removed, it becomes something called tartar, which is hardened plaque. So if plaque and tartar are not removed, they start to cause harm, eventually causing problems with your teeth and potentially gum disease too.


Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum disease that is considered relatively mild and reversible if caught early. Gums are red, swollen and tend to bleed during this initial stage, but teeth are not considered at risk of falling out.

Excellent daily hygiene brushing and flossing regimes supported by the advice and treatment of your dentist and dental hygienist at our practice can help to stop gingivitis and restore gum health.


If first stage gum disease is not reversed, periodontitis can occur which is a more advanced condition. With Periodontitis there is inflammation, swelling and the supporting parts of the bone and tissue that hold the teeth begin to degrade. Without treatment, the teeth may require extraction, or they will fall out on their own.

You may have gum disease if you experience the following symptoms:
  • Bleeding of the gums during brushing
  • Sore gums during brushing
  • A nasty taste in your mouth
  • Unpleasant breath
  • Gum recession
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Moving teeth

How We Treat Gum Disease At Ascot Dental Practice

We take away the bacterial deposits that cause gingivitis when we treat the condition. The experienced hygienists on our team provide deep cleaning of the teeth and gums, and provide advice to help you clean and floss more effectively at home.

When we are able to provide an early diagnosis of the condition, we can provide a complete treatment plan to help control it, and prevent it causing further issues.

How Do Dental Hygienists Help?

Our dental hygienists provide a wide range of oral hygiene treatments as well as oral health maintenance advice to ensure optimum smile health between appointments with us. Treatments including services such as stain removal or deep cleaning, sometimes as part of a comprehensive gum disease plan created by the dentist. Our team places a huge emphasis on the importance of hygiene therapy, which is part of our preventative way of working here at Ascot Dental Practice.

Our dental hygienists currently offer the following services:

  • Checking oral health status
  • Making a record of gum health as part of ongoing monitoring and diagnosis
  • Gum disease monitoring
  • Oral hygiene advice
  • Plaque monitoring
  • Scale and polish
  • Creating an ‘at-home’ care plan for patients
  • Gum therapy (deep cleaning)
  • Antimicrobial gum treatment
  • Individual tips and advice regarding lifestyle habits such as smoking or nutrition (in relation to oral health)

How Many Times A Year Should I See The Dental Hygienist?

We recommend you see our hygienists as regularly as you see the dentist, although we may recommend more frequent visits for patients with diabetes or active gum disease.

You can expect to be with the hygienist for about half an hour each appointment.

What Does Periodontal Surgery Involve?

If we are unable to treat gum disease or it is too advanced, periodontal surgery may be recommended. This is completed by a periodontist who will perform the surgery and will create an ongoing maintenance plan involving gum hygiene visits with the hygienist.

What Can Be Done For Receding Gums?

If you have a problem with receding gums which can cause tooth sensitivity and a 'longer tooth' appearance, there are treatments such as tissue grafts which can help to restore the gums. This kind of treatment is completed by our in-house periodontist
Gum recession
Treatment of gum recession

Is Airflow Stain Removal Treatment Something You Offer At Ascot Dental Practice?

We do offer the exceptional Airflow stain removal treatment at our practice. It is renowned for effectively removing stains on the teeth, naturally brightening them and improving the smile. The treatment involves tiny crystals, water and compressed air to effectively clean the teeth, including any stains that are inside tiny grooves and cracks.

We recommend Airflow stain removal before an important event, or as part of an excellent oral maintenance regime.

Is It Necessary To See A Dentist Before You See A Hygienist?

We can offer hygienist appointments independently in some circumstances, but sometimes you might need a referral from the dentist. We can provide you more information on 01344 873448 and book you the most suitable appointment for your needs.

Booking a dental hygiene appointment

The dental hygiene service is an important cornerstone at our practice to help improve and maintain oral health. For this reason we want our patients to have access to the hygienist at their convenience.

So to minimise patients failing to attend their hygienist appointment and to improve access for patients to the service, a pre payment of £74.00 is required to secure your booking with us, this payment can be made over the phone or in person. Please be advised that payment must be made at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, failure to do so may result in a loss of your appointment and could affect future bookings with us.

Caring Dentistry in Ascot

At Ascot Dental Practice we take pride in providing you with high quality dental care in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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