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Replacing Missing Teeth at Ascot Dental Practice

Our popular clinic in Ascot has several modern and effective tooth replacement options for patients who have missing teeth.

When you have missing teeth, you are more at risk of various dental issues as well as problems with a change in speech, eating and even premature ageing because of the change in facial structure. However, using options such as dental implants, bridges and dentures, we can restore your mouth back to complete functionality, and get your smile back to looking beautiful too!

Our main options to replace missing teeth are covered in more detail below.

What Does A Denture Do?

Dentures can be singular to replace one tooth, or to replace a full arch of teeth.

They are modern dental devices that are removable for cleaning, and they look and feel very natural too. Individual dentures rely on the physical support of the surrounding teeth and are always made with complete precision. This is so that your bite works well with the single denture in place, and aesthetically, so that it blends in with your natural teeth and maintains your beautiful smile.

Why Are Dentures A Good Tooth Replacement Option For Me?

Although you may be used to having a gap in your teeth, missing teeth can cause all kinds of dental issues and for this reason, we always recommend you opt for tooth replacement. One major issue related to missing teeth is that the surrounding natural teeth can move into the gap, affecting the way the smile looks and works. Dentures are a good option for replacing missing teeth, helping to prevent the surrounding teeth from moving and causing further dental issues.

Which Materials Do You Use To Make Dentures?

The most modern dentures are made from acrylic and metal, but there are a number of different comfortable and attractive denture types made from different materials available at our clinic, suiting every budget and preference.

Are Dental Implants A Good Tooth Replacement Option?

Dental implants are at the leading edge of tooth replacement technology. They work by replacing the tooth root with a titanium dental device that is made to completely bond with your jawbone, so they effectively become part of your body.

One or several implants are placed providing an incredibly secure foundation for a crown, implant supported dentures or implant supported bridges. Because this kind of tooth replacement option is fixed, and it includes a replacement of the tooth root, this is the most innovative solution for tooth replacement currently available, and it looks and feels almost exactly the same as natural teeth.

A detailed consultation is required for dental implant treatment, and you can find out more information about that and the treatment itself on our dedicated implant page.

How Do Dental Bridges Work

Dental bridges are offered by Ascot Dental Practice in both conventional forms, as well as more modern adhesive options. They work by essentially 'filling the gap' that has been made by the loss or removal of teeth and they look exactly like natural teeth.

The more conventional type of bridge relies on crowns which are placed either side of the gap that is being filled, where the bridge then sits in the middle. With a modern adhesive bridge there is a metal feature used which connects the bridge and your natural tooth using strong dental adhesive.

Both bridge types are fixed and so are not devices you take out of your mouth, they both also require some level of preparation or involvement of the surrounding natural teeth.

How Do I Know Which Tooth Replacement Treatment Will Suit Me The Best?

If you are struggling with the look and feel of missing teeth, or current tooth replacement options that just aren't working for you, please get in touch. We can provide you with the professional help you need to restore your smile in full. Please call our team on 01344 873448 today for more information.

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